Worklog Application

(ver 1.0.0)

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Worklog Application is very simple web application to maintain worklog. The main thing is, it is completly written in Delphi.

This is the simple example to show the power of Delphi in .NET world. It shows C# and VB.NET are not only languages to develop .NET application. Although, Borland has included it's own provider to access various databases, worklog application uses ADO.NET to connect to MS SQL server making it true .NET application.

Some other features I've tried with this application are encrypted query string and custom error messages. All the routines to handle encryption and generation of custom error messages are packaged in seperate assembly. This assembly was written in C# in order to test the feature to use library written in language other than object Pascal.

You need following things in order to run this application;

  1. IIS
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework
  3. MS SQL Server (MSDE will work)


Fig 1. Page administrator see after login


Figure 2. Administrating users


Figure 3. Basic reporting functionality